Girls, What kind of place is better?

The thing im getting married and my future husband love outdoors places , i like it too but we still dont figure it out wich outdoor will be better for our theme wedding is:
"Dominicans went to Asia"
We know many chefs and the rest of it but the places is starting to give me headaches
Which one i choose?

  • Boca Marina (is a restaurant in the beach)
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  • a Park
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  • and Amusement park
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  • Atarazana ( a historic outdoor place)
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  • That theme sounds neither here nor there... I get why you are doing it that way as it is a representation of yourselves, but will other people get it?

    If you dont have a theme and instead make the theme your special day and simply show the beauty your love creates, it will be easier. Just continually choose beautiful things, your favourite place as a couple, your favourite food as a couple, the flowers he likes to buy you... all of these things, you dont need a complex theme which may struggle to gel together... just show who you guys are and what your love means and people will feel it is the best wedding ever... you are letting them in to your heart and that is an honour :) x

    • Actually everybody will get it cuz thats an exact representation of who we are

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    • i suggest you stick with the sunset colours too, maybe reds, oranges, pinks and maybe add some deep purples for some richness... it will all get really bold and amazing... trust me! google wedding sunset colours :)

    • location is a winner by the way :)

  • I will choose Atarazana!

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