GUYS & GIRLS: Engagement rings question?

Ladies: Do you like your engagement ring? Was it a surprise, or did you two pick it out together as a couple? What to do if you don't like the ring he picked?

Men: How did you decide what kind of ring to buy? Did she like it? How would you know? Did you buy the ring together, or get a friend to help you choose, or what?

POLL: Ladies, what type of ring would you like? Men, what type of ring would you pick?

  • White gold with single diamond.
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  • Yellow gold with single diamond.
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  • Triple (3) diamond ring.
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  • NOT a diamond - another type of gem.
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  • Other (please comment) / Want to see answers.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • I picked mine out pretty quickly. It was one that I liked a lot. Simple but with a twist, classic and yet modern in its presentation. Simple yellow gold with a small diamond (all I could afford) and a spiral twist of gold around the gem. Plus it fit perfectly with a different set of wedding band.

    Five years later I bought my wife a great silver watch that I knew she would love. But my wife won't mix metals. Knowing this I bought a plain white gold band and commissioned an engraver to engrave into it on all four sides: "flesh" and "chance" in German (my heritage) and "soul" and "fate" in Russian (her heritage). Now both are her wedding ring.

    My wedding ring was $50 at Penny's. For my tenth anniversary my wife wanted to buy me a really nice new ring with diamonds and a cool cut. No way. This is my wedding ring. Anything else may be nice, even awesome to behold. But it won't be my wedding ring.

    • Thanks for the detailed answer... Yeah I don't like to wear silver and gold together, in fact I don't even like yellow gold. Did you ask her which type of gold she preferred before you bought the original ring?

    • Neither of us realized at the time, but looking back we can see that she was making it pretty clear she wanted to be engaged. She pointed out rings that she liked.

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What Guys Said 1

  • Well, for us, it was incredibly obvious we were going to be together, so it hardly a surprise. I got her a saphire from my jem importer connection and had her grrandmother's diamond ring modified to hold it. We did the whole thing together.


What Girls Said 1

  • Me and my husband pick out our own rings together, just as our decision to get married was a joint decision. It was a great experience for me.