How did you figure out her ring size?

If you date someone that doesn't normally wear a ring , how did you figure out her ring size before you proposed? For the sake of argument, lets assume you know she would appreciate an engagement ring.


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  • You could be sneaky... Is she a heavy sleeper? If so maybe wrap a piece of string or something around her finger and get the length. Measure it, and go to the store and ask what size it could be.

    If you know she'd appreciate a ring, but still want it to be a surprise, and have no way of getting her ring size, maybe propose to her in a romantic way but explain you don't have the ring yet because you don't know her size. Or you could guess her size and simply get it refitted.

    You could also ask her. It might ruin it, but if you ask her casually and then propose months later she could forget the entire thing by the time you do it.

    • Wow, lots of ideas. I need to come up with either a creative way to get her ring size or a creative way to propose with the wrong ring (bandtoo big, fake, pretend / toy or?) I'm thinking there's a stellar idea waiting to emerge here.

    • Careful there!! If the ring isn't already bought and picked out.. Some women get ideas about choosing their own engagement rings... Thus you wind up spending three times as much as you wanted. This could make the fake ring plan backfire, unless money isn't an issue.

    • (-:

      Funny, and good point. She's not like that, but I have been with others who totally were. It's way more fun/exciting to have the work done up front. So I just need to come up with the size.

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  • I borrowed the one ring that I know she wears, took it to the jewelry store and had them measure the size, then returned the ring and she never knew it had been gone.


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  • If you don't care about her knowing you can ask her? Most woman know about what size they wear. Or if you don't want her to know, you can trace and old ring but you said she doesn't wear jewelry. You could also hold her hand and compare your fingers to hers and use the size of your finger as a starting point. But @9mfeo is right. Bigger is better when it comes to resizing :-)

    • I don't want to ask her, as I'm hoping to surprise her. I think we've already both decided it's happening, so I think it's the perfect time to mix a little bit of the unexpected in there. I'm hoping to find a subtle way. ... on to asking the relatives, I suppose. That runs the risk of reducing the surprise.

  • Take a string and tie it around her ring finger. You can always guess - most people are around a 7. Buying bigger is better because it's easier to make a ring smaller than it is to make it bigger.

    • That would do it. I guess I'd need her to forget something and then tease her that she needed a string to remember it. ... too bad she's really good at remembering things. Sigh.

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  • Wait tell she is taking a shower then go to her jewelry box take out a ring and look at ita size

    • Good idea. ... but she doesn't wear rings. She'll wear a wedding ring, but haven't been able to subtlety extract size info.

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