Is wanting to a Humanist wedding at stonehenge too weird or OK? Or a Belantine Wedding Hand Fasting would be too weird?

I just, personally hate the idea of a White Wedding with a big Do and all the traditions etc that goes with it and I hate standing up and speaking in public and I hate that reception stuff afterwards. Am I just plain weird for wanting a wedding like this? Would anyone want to marry a hippy-wannabe who wanted a wedding what wasn't a white wedding.


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  • Plain idea to get married in stone henge?

    Are you kidding me THAT SOUNDS AWESOME and I hate marrige
    , don't agree with it at all

    Imagine turning off all lights around stonehenge and seeing the milkyway galaxy and all the stars and planets whilst getting married.. That shit sounds mind blowing

    • I will so need to remember to turn off the lights.

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  • There are people out there that would be okay with this but in the end the only people that matter in this choice will be you and you SO. If they are okay with it then the rest doesn't matter :-)


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  • hahhaa definely not weird... U r da one who should choose how yer weddin would be... not how society suggests :D


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