Umm ahh well my friend a girl proposed to him is that normal?

He loves her and she loves him and all that shit he told me that it's weird that she proposed to him he say that he supposed to do this and I don't know what to tell him does that mean anything?

I mean what should I tell him?


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  • I read that when a girl hits on a guy - 80% of the time the guy will say yes but those relationships usually do not have long term potential. When the guy hits on the girl - the chance of rejection is higher but the relationship lasts a lot longer and might lead to marriage.


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  • R u stupid?

    • Forget about it

    • Ok i can't break heart i am sorry if i hurted your feelings :)

    • Nah its okay 😊

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  • Guys and girls can propose to one another. The traditional norm is men proposing to women. However that doesn't mean girls cannot propose too. It means the same thing if a girl does it to a guy. However the girl or guy doesn't necessary get an engagement ring.


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