Married people opposite sex?

Married men, do you hang out with female friends, that you met in school/college/work/meetup groups? and married women, do you hang with male friends that you met in school/college/work/meetup groups? if yes, do you take your / their spouse along? or can you do one on one, if there is trust? can married people have opposite sex friends? especially non couple friends?

sorry, i just realized! i meant to write opposite sex friends!


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  • I feel as though you can have opposite sex friendships, but there need to e BOUNDARIES. I am aware that some of my male friends fancy me. I make it a point not to hangout with said friends without my guy present. Not that I am interested... I just do not want to put myself in a position where they make an asshat of themselves. My guy also has female friends... but he does not spend time with them without me there.

    I am the kind of person who sees females as a potential threat to my relationship. I will block you out of his life if I feel that you have feelings for my guy. I am observant and aware when such situations arise. The only time it is ok to hangout solo is when the other person is truly a platonic friend... like no chance in hell anything could happen. This is not to discredit the loyalty of my partner, but I know how women get. We are irrational and want what we cannot have. We see a commited man as a prospect and I am not about to have anyone prospecting my man for anything. #scorpio


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  • Maybe married people could have opposite sex "friends," but only in exceptional circumstances, truth be told. And there would be little platonic visiting between the "friends."

    I was going to say that I do have one opposite sex friend, but she's lesbian, so there's no potential sexual component to our friendship.

    It's an eternal question whether guys and girls can be nothing more than friends. I'm not sure they can. If they can, it's rare and I've never actually seen it, even once. There's usually a hidden (and/or illicit) sex aspect in such relationships.

    • um, i saw people in my high school have platonic friends. NO romance existed between them,

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    • In a platonic relationship there is no sexual (vulgar) desire either hidden or overt. As a third party you would not know whether it were hidden, especially since a motivation existed to keep it hidden (perhaps including your perception/expectation that the vulgar element did not exist). Also, no one can "see," or describe, another relationship with accuracy. :)

      You seem to want some reinforcement for a "yes" answer to your own question. All I can tell you is that I've never seen evidence that a "yes" would be accurate, given the test of time.

    • Good for you!😀

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  • Sure we can have opposite sex friends as long as there are ground rules which both clearly understand. Such as I don't hang out with an opposite sex friend alone always with my husband or the friends SO or third person. It takes some common sense in that you never place yourself into any situation which could be interperated as being anything other than what it is mutual friends. The guy friends that I do see are both my husbands and my friends and have been for a long time, we respect them and they respect us and our relationship. The other thing is always behaving in such a way that you would in front of your spouse. People talk enough as it is, just don't give them something to trash you about.

  • I am married and i dont allow opposite sex friends. Unless theyre long time friends and knew each other even before weve met, and have more of a platonic friendship. But generally still no hanging out unless i know her and im with them.

    I just generally dont trust women.


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