How many of you guys are actually getting married?

This is a question for men, I'll have both available to comment but i'm really asking men.
53% of all marriages fail, if you are a man then you will lose everything including your children. If your woman cheats on you then she will still have all your stuff. In some states if you find out that the child you have been raising isn't yours then you still lose everything and you will have to pay for them with child support EVEN THOUGH IT'S NOT YOUR CHILD. I don't know of any divorce for fathers or husbands that actually worked out evenly, It's far and few in between. And i'm sure Europe is just as bad.

here are sources:

Cause how many of you are actually want marriage? and why when you know that you will lose everything if she gets bored or cheats and 53% of all marriages fail?


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  • i doubt i will.

    • yeah but you're not at risk though
      if you cheat, and the man wants a divorce. you can take everything he owns.
      i'm not saying that you will or all females are cheaters.
      But good thing you don't want that, cause it's not looking too good for females that want marriage... with the whole "more and more men don't want marriage" thing.

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  • Pfft, Fuck marriage. Not going to harm myself.


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  • you still have more rights over a child if it is yours for one
    and secondly i would never sign divorce papers i would drag it out so it would be up to her to make her own life a misery

    • yeah i would too.
      But i am just avoiding marriage all together. it's not worth it one bit to go through all that.

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    • let me be honest with you... there are a lot of women like that especially now where its a big trend for women to be and act this way but that isn't the truth for all females and there is no way you can start a real heathly relationship without trust, so it really is important to you to get your feelings towards women out in the open and changed for the better because your just allowing yourself to be hurt

    • but that's the thing though, i'm okay with hookers, video games and porn.
      or maybe i will just become a workaholic, but either way imagine all the money that i will have not spending on a woman or family.

  • I would spend my last penny taking her to court firing the judge by making me pay for child support for a kid that biologically is proven its not mine! I would fight her way up to the supreme court if necessary! when I been wronged I correct it by fighting not giving up because there is a next man who will be going through this after me!