Relationship "rules" in Islam? make sense or nah?

so there are these "rules" for spouses... they are not the only rules but i really like those ones and plan on following them when im married
(and muslims of GAG correct me if i said anything wrong)

- what happens in the bedroom stays in the bedroom NO MATTER WHAT like not even your parents or best friends should know A THING about it... unless it's an emergency and you need to talk to a DR or something

- your husband's/wife's secrets are also your own and are never to be discussed with an outsider... again not even the closest people unless it's an emergency

- your kids should NEVER see OR hear you having sex ( DUUH !!)

- your arguments with your spouse should not be discussed with others... not even close people unless urgent.. etc etc

- no to too much PDA (not sure if no to too much or not at all though)

- both parties should encourage the other to have better relations with his/her family (Specially parents)

... or so i understand anyway..(like i said correct me if im wrong)
im a firm believer in the privacy of relationships and think they are too special to be shared with everyone publicly... especilly intimate details you know.. it just.. I don't know but i think privacy and stuff makes the relationship way better

ok i realised the " " are making me sound like im sarcastic... im not xD lol
i really am asking


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  • I completely agree with all of these


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  • I guess they're ok. I understand the want to keep things private, and I definitely don't think you should be shouting about your sex life or your marital problems to the entire world. However, I do think it's ok to ask your friends for advice sometimes, about things concerning bedroom activities or marital problems. I don't think you should do it for every little thing, only when you feel like it's absolutely necessary and you're sure it won't hurt your partner. Advice from your friends can actually be really helpful. Like, say you're having a problem with your partner and you're mad at them for a really silly reason, but you don't realize it yourself. Then you go to a friend to talk about it, and that friend helps you realize that you're being dumb and that you should apologize to your partner. Or, what if you're in an abusive relationship? Then your friends and family might be the only ones who can help you get out of it.

    And as for your kids never seeing or hearing you have sex... well, obviously that's preferable, but accidents happen, no? Even if you don't make a sound, they might still accidentally walk in on you. Even if it's in the middle of the night and they're supposed to be asleep, they might get a nightmare or something. So it's kind of hard to have a "rule" like that when it's really unpredictable.

    • so you mean moderate sharing?

      and actually those rules are more like a "dont do it on purpose" kind of thing
      like if something slips or your kids walk in on you or w/e it's fine because we are human and it wasn't intentional

    • Yes, I think moderate sharing is fine and pretty normal too. I think you should try to refrain from sharing too many details though, especially considering his size or what he looks like naked in general, because that might be hurtful to him if he wants to keep those things private (most people do). Showing pictures and such is an obvious no-no in my opinion and is completely disrespectful.

      And yes doing it on purpose in front of your kid is very sick, and something you should be jailed for.

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  • You are obviously a troll... But at least you tried.

    • ... what?
      wow... whatever

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    • of couuuurse ^_^

    • Awwww how sweet you are 😀

  • Yeah that's what happen but what is PDA?

    • public display of affection

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    • haha no it's just you got the same answer like 4 times xD

      I don't know just getting opinions :P lol

    • Hmmmm okie srry but there is some people just ask this question to insult but u r cool

  • I'm not to say right or wrong. I dislike rules. It's not an commitment it's basically A bully in the bedroom. Rules rules do not let people be themselves. And the best rule communicate.

    • i dont fully get what you mean

      but take out the word rules, do you think these would make good basics/ground for a good relationship?

    • Like guidelines. Like recommendations? things that should be followed but not necessarily need to. I was in human sexuality class there's a problem with the last discussion in the bedroom one thing Health is not discussing sexual well-being mental. What happens in the bedroom should not be stated the names are used. But if they are not I find acceptable in my situation. I had a friend of the opposite gender who showed me their hair and piercing. Yes kids should not see their parents do it. Argument should not be discussed other people I think not I non biased viewpoint may may be beneficial. Public displays of quite literally that the touchy issue.

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  • I like this one
    your arguments with your spouse should not be discussed with others... not even close people unless urgent.. etc etc

    And for the PDA, depends on which kind I believe.

    Not sure on that.

    • Lol can't you tell that she is trolling?

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    • oh lol forgot to @

      thanks !