Should I be upset that my boyfriend at the time slept with my friend...while we were broken up?

My boyfriend (at the time, we are married now) and I broke up, and I flew home to see my sick dad. I would text him often telling him I loved him and it hurts not to be with him. One night he got drunk and slept with a random girl. The next day he called and we got back together and about fifteen min later I found out I was pregnant. When I flew home he proposed to me, which was about two days later. He never told me about the girl he slept with because she started seeing his roommate and she became a great friend to me. We were pregnant together and talked a lot. I found out two days ago this awful secret everyone was hiding to protect me. My hubby didn't tell me cause he didn't want me to leave him and so everyone agreed to leave me in the dark. well it ate at my husband because he didn't want to have any secrets. should I still be angry?


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  • I think you should forgive him. 1) yall were split up. 2) he was drunk 3) he obviously feels very bad about this, and definitely still loves you, seeing as how you two are married now.

  • Forgive him and let it be.

    Real forgiveness should be as hard for you to give as it is for him to accept. It's a two-way street.



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