Ladies: What do diamonds mean to you? (the Ring)

Since time began it is custom to, when proposing - offer a plain ring (or family ring). (varies between people and preference)

As for the question of the wed-lock bands - what does it mean to you?

Is it just for boasting?

Looks pretty and a must have?

A devotion of love?

Acknowledgment of equal ground?

My take on this (please do not copy the idea and paste below)

A diamond is the hardest ranking substance, and shines of beauty - ones inner-self. By giving her this; I am (as a list format for easy of reading)

1 - Showing she is mine and I am hers and kill the guy that hits on her

2 - That she is worthy and should never stand behind, but beside or affront of me

3 - Her instilled power and beauty (does not mean gem size)

Please list all responses in a list basis for easy of reading for myself and others.

Thank you in advance for your feedback :)

2 -

Please do not make comments like our Armyant below. Cheers Mates


Most Helpful Girl

  • An engagement ring is a symbol of the love and comitment you have to this particular girl. It's showing her how much she means to you and that is truly special. Honestly it doesn't matter to me if a man got me a 1/2k or 3k ring, its the what the ring represents that matters

    • Very good, thank you for your comment

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  • A diamond ring to a lot of girls is more than just an expensive beautiful ring to show and flaunt to everyone.

    Its not just a present you get for just anyone, so it makes it special.

    When the engagement ring or promise ring has diamonds, it shows that you are serious about the relationship and it sets security for your girl. She feels safe that you want her and isn't scared you are just going to find another girl and move on.

    Its much more than just an expensive item.

    • Good answer, thank you

What Guys Said 1

  • All that symbolism regarding diamonds and "her instilled power" is just BS. Women want diamonds in their rings because they make the rings expensive and grant them practically unshakable resale value. You think diamonds would be popular for rings if they were common cheap gems no matter how much they glittered? Think again.

    • Last I checked you weren't a woman, or any kinda female known to human kind. You're opinion is bias, don't insult all of them, only some, you can't say always or never because they aren't fact, your bound to do some of those things in your life time.

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    • Here's MrTinker's p*ssy PM:

      "I wanted to keep this off the board; stop insulting me because I don't like children posting bullsh*t. I'm not insulted I'm thinking of the women who will flame your ass for that statement so I'm protecting you. I was in the military, you could point a gun in my face and I'd look you right back in the eye, so if you think your insults hurt, think again.

      On a side note; have you seen Avatar? It's a great movie, I do suggest it if you want to see a some chicks :p "

    • I haven't insulted you once, guy, but that certainly hasn't stopped you from completely embarrassing yourself with these ridiculous barely legible antics of yours.

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