Is desire logic? If men desire "sex " to such a profound degree, then why are considered logic oriented?

compared to the 'fairer' sex? How logical is it really to be thinking with your penis so much of the time ? I mean really that is the joke right? So why is it more rational to be able to enter in and out of thing without caring , how exactly does reason & logic manifest without some care - what makes humans rational without human affect?

Gintrovert : A question is not a complaint. I asked a question. You said Woman fall in love more easily, which makes them less rational. You also said That men HAVE to have sex ALL the time, how rational are you when all you want is sex?
I am not saying sex or love is good or bad. I am asking why people hold so tightly to each sex being by one or the other... People are complicated & I am sure it does not help add insight, when we stereotype.


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  • As any Argumentation class will start out in law schools across the country:

    "Logic, is reason free from passion" - Aristotle

    It is the ability to be completely removed from self, to experience ego death, to admit that someone else is right, and more importantly, accept that you are wrong; and if you are truly free from passion, this should not be a problem; for as long as reason prevails.

    My favorite example was from Professor Baker and his lecture of conditional gifts:

    "every year I put one question on the exam about conditional gifts. I have the same students in the same lecture, yet for some reason, every single male student gets this question correct, and there are always a few female students who pick the trap answer. some states have different laws on conditional gifts. PA for example is a "fault-state", while NY is a "no-fault" state. If I get engaged in PA, and then break off the marriage because I fell in love with my mistress; I can't ask for the ring back. But if the marriage is broken off because my fiance' fell in love with the pool boy, I can ask for either the ring of value of the ring back; since it's a conditional gift; the condition being marriage; which has yet to be satisfied, so the giver still retains the right to get the gift back if the condition has yet to be met. But in NY, it doesn't matter of it's mistress or pool boy love; if the wedding is off, the person who gave the ring has the right to collect either the ring or value of the ring back. So I always ask; if in NY state, Brad and Jen got engaged, while Brad was sleeping with Angelina, and Jen has pictures and videos to prove it, and Jen has been humiliated and hurt publicly by Brad's actions, but receives a notice in the mail asking her to pay him $150,000 for the value of the ring to go towards his and Angelina's new adopted child; does she have to pay? why or why not? I always get a few girls who think up of very emotional arguments on why she shouldn't have to pay because it's not fair, or because she's hurt, or because Brad was an @-hole; and they obviously get that question wrong."

    For men, desire is different; because it's pure. Think of a car or home. The desire it evokes is supported by the pleasure it will bring to the owner. But the desire for such things is weakened when the cost or price is considered. Sex on the other hand, is of the few pleasures that have no cost or price. In the eyes of a dispassionate person, they see no reason to think of any other pleasure that has a cost (and therefore a limit on pleasure that can be enjoyed). For sex is a pleasure with no cost, that can be engaged in infinitely to maximize one's happiness within their resource constraints (time; lifespan, money). Therefore, given sex, there is no reason to desire anything else. So the desire for sex gets all the attention and becomes a focal point in the mind of such a person.

    There are some men who don't think this dispassionately; as there are some women who do.

    • Why would Jen Pay money for Angelina's baby because Angelina was sleeping with Brad? Is that what you meant to type? Does not sound Logical at all.. furthermore if there was logical, what difference does it make, someone feels good or bad about the decision as far as what just ? - I mean as an argument & not as a feeling. As for people about what is fair, You amy also be dealing with a 'cultural' response & not a 'Gender based one. I like examples of logic, particular one is a bit based.

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    • It's a "conditional gift"; not an "unconditional gift". As much as I'd love to bait you into saying bad/negative things about conditional gifts; I'll forgo trapping you conversationally and point out "conditional" & "unconditional" love.

      I love you, therefore I am with you = unconditional love.

      conditional love:

      - If you love me, then you will _____ (marry me, do this for me, get this for me, etc)

      - Unless you (marry me, do/get me this to prove yourself to me), then you don't love me.

    • I think the law's message to society is; that unless women become more like Clair Danes in Stardust towards love and romance, then it is only fair that men hold onto the same mentality of conditional love and romance.

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  • If men are not like they are now, the human race would be extinct. If we were on a 1 month cycle the likely hood it would match up to any given female is very low. So men have to be ready 100% of the time. Not like we choose to be ready, that's like telling me to stop being hungry when I'm starving.

    Complaining about instincts is not logical.

    I think females got the reputation for not being logical because they fall in love far more easily then males. I'm sure we all know, love can make you seem very illogical.

    • It's a complaint in question form. I didn't say less rational, I said love can make you seem very illogical, this applies to both male and female. I said men must be ready 100% of the time, not that all we want is sex.

      I see what you are doing a lot when I debate with conspiracy theorists. Instead of listening to what I have to say, you have exerted your own preconceived notions on what I'm saying, this is no way to communicate.

      All I am saying, is that someone in love usually seems irrational.

    • I don't think they get labeled illogical because of how fast or soon they fall in love; but because of WHO they usually fall in love with.

      Whereas you don't see too many guys across the board oogling over a 400lbs. flat-chested, flat-butted, super-jumbo love handled, thunder-thigh, wrinkly, stretchedmarked, cellulite-infested, broke-@ss, arrogant and demanding b*tchy b*tch

    • Objection! QA is implying that GIntrovert works for FOX NEWS

  • eh...wot?

  • Lot's of men think with their 'lower head' . Not all men do.

    There's nothing irrational about liking sex. There's nothing irrational about liking love.

    It's irrational to mess up other things because of one thing you or they like.

    • In a related question? Why do people think with their stomach? I mean, seriously? Can I get a what's up for all my anorexics in the house? People who feel hungry and want food are so irrational.

    • Sometimes people decide to reject food as a conscious participation in a struggle.. Like on a hunger strike. Sometimes people feel ill when they eat & are just considered crazy & they have a metabolic problem. Sometimes people just have lots of energy & are not hungry. Lots of times when people are not eating they not hungry. People around them who are hungry have difficulty understanding this concept. THINKING with your stomach would be more like EATING when you are NOT hungry -Good Call Tho.

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  • My two cents:

    If any man can give me a more logical argument for why women can't have as much sex as guys and be thought of the same way than "It makes me feel bad," I'd really welcome it.

    • Do you mean that the argument that woman need to feel good {emotionally & what not} in order to have sex, as apposed to a man who can think 'rationally' there by not heed his feelings one way or another?

      Are you saying that woman are capable of doing things without 'feeling good' being the primary reason, or that they cannot?

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    • So it essentially means nothing, which doesn't change anything. Ah well.

    • Not only do women have negative pressure (guilt, shame) for wanting and having sex; which discourages them from doing so; but men have positive pressure (praise, attention, validation) for wanting and having sex; which encourages and even pressures them to do so.

      If a guy isn't wanting sex, chasing sex, or having sex, he's seen as less masculine, possibly gay, a loser, unattractive to the other sex, etc. After all, if he could have sex, why would he? Therefore, me must not be able to.