How long is my husband going to be imaginary for?

i used to have very specific idea of what i wanted
but now it's like i have lost sight because im kinda giving up...

married people , tell me your love stories, give me hope lol (and how old were you)

wow guys getting defensive... unexpectedly

who ever said anything about realistic expectations?
i shoulda made this girls only


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  • You cannot find the man you want for a few reasonss.

    1) perhaps the man you picture doesn't exist. We have no specifics.

    2) you are dealing with men who simply don't want relationships due to the long term potential they have for wreaking havoc on men's lives... so they avoid the longterm.

    3) you do not have the assets needed to attract the man you want (men are more in tune with this due to the social requirement of men to be the asker rather than the askee... rejection and success give you a clearer picture of what others see in you).

    Perhaps you should find the type of man you want and ask him directly.


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  • Forever since nobody will be able to live up to your unrealistic expectations.

    • I'm not defensive since I don't even believe in marriage to begin with, you've just created this ideal man in your head and won't find anyone like him because nobody like the guy in your head exists.

      Nobody is mad, you're just sensitive.

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    • Medicine doesn't taste good, but it helps cure the sickness innit.

    • whatever

  • There aren't that many handsome princes to go around! loool

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    • pretty boys are not attractive to me lol

  • Keep in mind, that, if you continue to look for perfection, you will continue to be single. Miley said it best when she said "nobodies perfect" (and i HATE quoting Miley)

    • im not looking for perfection lol
      just a decently decent man

    • Then why are you still single

    • I don't know

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