My wife keeps going to parties and certain trips but hardly ever invites me, I'm I right to suspect?

Hi, I was wondering if my situation calls for me to suspect something isn't right. We've only been married since mid Nov 2014 and she's been acting weird. These are some behaviors of her that I'm noticing more:

- Keeps wasting money on stupid stuff, which has lately been the cause of our arguments; when I confront her about it she told me to stop being controlling (well she was a spender but it has gotten ridiculous)
- Our intimacy was drop to once or twice a week, in the beginning it was either every day or 5 times a week
- She has reverted back to her old partying ways and even goes to certain trips but the majority of times refuses to invite me, telling me it's only for girls and that her friend just doesn't think it's right for me to be there
- No longer talks about having kids with me and when I mentioned it what was promised, she says she will at her time and changes the topic; suddenly she doesn't seem excited anymore
- Sometimes returns home kind of drunk and at nearly 2am and off course if I question her, she gets pissed off and again thinks I'm such a mean, controlling abusive
- She's starting to get a bit private with her cell phone and if I were to ask to see the contact, that's like asking for another argument.

Background: I'm starting to think maybe I made a mistake. It's just that I never even went a date before I met her way back in Feb 2013 (then 2 months of my 25th b-day) and well I never really admitted this. I didn't want to make a wrong impression. Meanwhile she was practically my polar opposite, very outgoing and friendly that I didn't know what a girl like her looked in a shy computer technician. Anyway I agreed under her term to wait till marriage though this was making me more sexually frustrated. Yet, I was also in love and thought she was the one.

Forward: I lost my v-card the following year, right after our wedding night. It was ok in the beginning but around the 5th month or so, things starting changing.

Update information: Just realized there was no more space for this but she also hasn't been fixing nor cleaning the house as before. I don't mind having a stay-at-home or working wife but she insisted that she wanted to be a stay at home wife and then mother (she's the one that made that arrangement) and now isn't promising what she said. I'm now the one cleaning the mess sometimes.


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  • Absolutely. It's time for a talk. Way past due imao

    • Yet everything I mentioned about my concerns and her constantly weird behaviors, she makes me look like I'm a controlling, jealous husband and thinks I'm making a big deal out of it.

    • she even gets upset if I were to asked her again to see her contacts on her cell phone and is says things like ''what you don't trust me, you think I'm freaking hiding things'' and goes on accusing me of not trusting her

    • That's her defensive move.. How else is she going to justify herself?
      By all counts she has checked out of this marriage. You should too.
      Cut your loses now while still ahead..

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