Are there any benefits of getting married?

I have been just wondering about marriage and in particularly in the USA (Where I live), the divorce rates, which is about 51%. This means that about half of couples that get married, end in a divorce. That is somewhat scary.

Is marriage truly beneficial or is it not worth the effort? I would like to know what guys and girls think about this question.


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  • Marriage. Tough decision. I was shaking so hard before my wedding. I wanted to run out of the church. As soon as the deed was done, I was so calm and happy.

    I've been married for three years now. And I can say that I prefer marriage over dating. It feels stable and secure, like I can finally relax.

    I think it was worth the effort, but when we do fight, I can't help thinking, "God, if we break up, this is going to be an expensive, legal fiasco," as opposed to good old-fashioned breaking up with a girlfriend.

    It's a tough call. It certainly isn't for everyone and it's definitely not to be entered into lightly.

    The "forever" part is a benefit/comfort most days, but some days (just being honest here) it feels like a curse.

    • So what do you think are some of the practical benefits of marriage, from your experience?

    • I know this probably sounds weird, but it made me feel like a better man. I felt taller and stronger and wiser. I felt like I'd done the right thing. My wife loves being my wife (as opposed to my girlfriend). It makes me focus on the future in a way I hadn't before. I feel solid - and capable - again in ways I had not experienced before. There is an emotional stability in knowing that your girlfriend is now your family - that you are continuing together - theoretically forever.

    • It doesn't sound weird at all. That is some good insight I never though about. Thanks.

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  • ah I think its tootally with it but I say if ur not sure you want to be with them the rest of your life and work thorugh all the ups and downs don't do it! it's worthless if you don't think you can get through things with them. if you cna't talk to them about things then you're screwed. don't do unless you are for sure america is jsut dumba nd they dnt think things through

  • spend the rest of your life with the person you love?

    maybe the divorce rate is higher partially because it was extremely frowned upon to get divorces in the past. that might contribute to it.


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