My girlfriend told me in earnest that she could search for 100 years and never find another guy like me: has she decided she wants to marry me?

... she keeps on dropping other coments like this as well like she wants to keep me (referring to the long term) and she asked me to promise that i'd always be hers


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  • Maybe. Marriage is a hell of a commitment. I tell my boyfriend he's a keeper, and certainly I'll never find another like him, but I'm not sure I want to get married. Clearly she thinks you're a catch, though, and is trying to let you know how grateful she is to have you in her life. Nicely done.

    • It is certainly a daunting prospect isn't it... she's the marrying type however, I'm not sure I'm ready to marry her at the moment though- I'm just not getting what I need from her yet and I'm not sure whether I could marry her on faith that she'd change

    • Whew, yeah, that's clear cut. Hoping your partner will change is a pretty obvious sign not to get married! But at least you can enjoy the dating...

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  • Its possible, don't get married unless you really want to spend the rest of your life with this person though. I know quite a few dudes that are adopting the idea of dating for at least 4-5 years before considering marriage.


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  • ask her to stop dropping u hints beating around the bush and tell u if she is trying to tell u she wants marriage!

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