She wanted time to find herself?

So I dated this girl and she wanted time to find herself and we where talking a little and then she blew me off one night and she got mad because I was mad. So then she was cooking for me and dropping stuff off at my house. Then we talked and I said I didn't understand what she wanted. So I told her I didn't want to talk to her until she knew what she wanted. Everyday or every other day ill get a text saying hello or something, but nothing that she wants to talk in the convo so I cut her shot. We where at one point really good friends but I don't see how we can still be when she keeps doing this. Know I find out that she has been spending time with one of her x's that she supposedly hated and at one time proposed to her. What should I do? should I tell her that I know and tell her to go f herself? how should I go about this?


Well I do care about her but we only dated for like 4 months and I tried to talk to her about it and it just seems the end the same way. So I guess that I just have to let her go and move on.
anyone know how I should go about this?


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  • I think you are right to wait to respond till she gives some indication she is ready to have a real conversation with you about what she wants. She may not know entirely, and that's OK, but she needs to be open with you about what's going on with her in order for her to be worth your time. You can maybe text back once, if you want, to prompt her along and say "I appreciate your texts but please make it clear when you are ready to have a real conversation." She needs to initiate it. It gets old being the only one willing to take the emotional risks of addressing issues in a relationship, or even in a breakup. I've never gotten what I needed out of that when the person is not ready to communicate for real.

    • Yea the last time I talked to her was new years and it was just a happy new year. I just feel that she doesn't care. Its just really hard to have a feeling that someone said one thing and then it seems like they can care less.

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    • That's part of what's hard about a break-up. The time formerly spent with the person is now available and spent thinking about the person. You probably put some parts of your life or some of your interests aside during the period you were together... time to rekindle those and get your mind absorbed in something else. It's easy to say and hard to do, but you need to do it.

    • Thank you!

  • You should find out first if this girl is really worth your time or now. I mean, from what you stated there, she seems pretty crazy to me. She might be too immature for you. She could be infact waiting for you to come around and beg for her. That's what the break up sites teach people. Once you decided if you want this chick or not, you can then go ahead and post another post asking for some Strategy.


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