When is it the right time to propose in marrage to my girlfriend?

Okay, I've been dating my girlfriend for about 1 year and 5 months and have never really gotten into an argument or any type of other kind of spat. I need help knowning when its the right time to ask cause she'll be leaving for college in a short time and I may not be near the time of her leaving. so my question is should I ask her soon or laterin time


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  • This question is tied with another equally, if not more important question ---- "how sustainable is a long distance relationship, even marriage?" Say you two get married tomorrow, who knows if you would be grateful for doing that two years down the road? Nobody.

    The one thing you can be sure is, a long distance relationship requires trusts, lots of, and personal integrity. The number of extramarital affairs and divorces have shown that marriage is not a "thief proof lock". If your relationship is solid, married or not, you will stay together in the long run. If not, you will split up, married or not.


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  • You should probably ask her soon then if you're not going to be able to see her after she leaves for college


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