Has anyone ever illegally married a U. S. Citizen? What happens?

I'm Canadian. My boyfriend is American. We have a plan for me to go to the states on a "visit" and get married while I'm down here.

I know that the right way to do it is by the fiancé visa... But that takes too long.

So what will happen if I illegally marry him by just crossing the border and getting married? Could I get locked up or anything? Has anyone ever done this?

Serious replies only please. I'm aware it's illegal. But is it really a crime? No. I know people have done it before, and it's been fine. I just want other people intakes preferably people who have knowledge on the subject or have done it themselves.


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  • You won't get locked up, no. But since you're Canadian, there's an extremely high chance that you can gain legal citizenship in a short amount of time without any delays, after all, the U. S. And Canada have the best relationship that any two countries have ever had. So even if you do, there is not much of a penalty for it, you might be fined or sent back, but the U. S. won't put you in prison or jail.

    • But really, just do the visa, gaining a record in the U. S. Is not a good way to start off. It will be worth it. Plus, fiancés usually wait a few months to get married, so why don't you?

    • Oh, and by the way, you may not get locked up, but he probably will.

    • Because unlike most fiancés we won't be able to see each other for 9+ months while the visa pends

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