Would you wear your wedding ring if you are only engaged?

I secretly wear my wedding band so that people at work or randoms like my dentist think im married. Its gonna be a while before we can save for the wedding (no, I will not go to the courthouse id like to do it right- and once) and I've waited long enough so im "pretending" is that sad or is it ok since we will be married at some point? Also, we have a baby and I feel better knowing that people will assue I was married before I got pregnant.

  • yes, I wore my wedding ring before I was married
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  • No, I would never wear my wedding band before the wedding
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  • When my husband had found me on Facebook four years ago, we made plans for me to visit and meet up with him and his family, also had even discussed getting Married.
    While out in Egypt, we went to to a jewelry store out in Benha, which is near his village, and bought these beautiful Silver wedding bands and placed them on our fingers, calling ourselves "husband and wife."
    However, my Next trip out a few years back right after That, we went to the Ministry of Justice with our rings still hooked to our fingers and, then, as my husband and I sat, bound in one another's arms and legs as we sat up, he had said the lady at this office told him that we were to Exchange these rings to Seal everything in Being Legally Now... Husband and wife.
    Everyone who has someone and even have Engagement rings or Not, sometimes have their own Reasons of the Seasons for 'Married at this point,' and I believe that even after 7 years, you are Considered common law spouses if living together.
    With a child and Knowing you both are these birds of a feather, it is Another sense of security on and off the job.
    I see no 'Pretending' in your case here, dear. It helps keep the tongues around the water cooler from wagging and you having to waste your own space in everyone's face.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thank you, sweetie, for the Vote of Coupe Confidence.:)) xxxoo

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  • 1. Do you mean to say ENGAGEMENT ring rather than wedding?
    2. If so, you should have and wear your engagement ring before the wedding. I thought this was standard practice. They mean almost the same thing.

    Engagement ring = I'm taken by someone who is going to stick around for a while.
    Wedding ring = I'm absolutely taken by someone who is going to stick around forever.

    I'm confused by your question. Why would you be embarrassed or think you're lying by wearing your engagement ring? Don't you want people to know you are engaged?

  • Isn't the engagement ring enough? Being engaged gives the same effect anyway. You're going to be married.

    Plus, no one you actually know will be fooled by the baby timeline. They all know when you had the baby and will probably be at the wedding? It just all seems pointless to me. Be proud wearing the engagement ring.

  • yes, I wore my wedding ring before I was married! hahah when did i get married? no! no! Its not like that! I just decide that if I haven't got married by 21 I am going to have to marry myself. I have it all plan out I am buying a short wedding dress and a ring for me on both fingers! hahah you can't get married? You got no one! Its time to marry you! lol

  • What happens if you lose it?

  • I wear a ring and tell people I am engaged though my boyfriend and I haven't even gotten engaged yet. The reason I do this is because we have been together for five years and in the beginning of our relationship I had a lot of random men and male friends approach me and try to split us up. When I put on this fake engagement ring and started pretending to be engaged, a lot of these men backed off and stopped trying which in turn allowed my boyfriend and I to take a much needed breather from outside drama and conviving people. I don't think there's anything wrong with it at all! It saved my boyfriend and I a lot of stress which is a good enough reason for me to continue to do it!

  • Not before the wedding.

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