This guy I just started dating, just said this joke about marriage & I don't get it?

Whoever I marry, her parents are paying for the wedding.

Does anyone get the punch line, or what I is, I don't even get the sentence- is it a play on when w used to have dowries? A friend thought it was a joke about him being 'marketable' but he's kind of a intellectual, I don't get it & it's too late to ask him, he said it a couple days ago & I was too busy thinking about the joke being marriage, cause I never thought of getting married in general & I forget people still do...

What do you all think - winner gets a prize - I'll tell you a good Chinese proverb. :-)


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  • Well I have known some guys to offer up to pay for the daughters wedding but that's usually if the family is wealthy enough (though this being from a movie or two as well)

    It could be something he was serious about or trying to hint that he's not looking for casual dating, but for a girl he can one day marry so that you can make up your mind on if you actually want to stick around and possibly marry him one day or so you can go ahead and go. However it is also possible he was just looking for a conversation starter and that was something that came to mind.

    The only real way to know is to ask and its never to late to ask if your confused on something. Just go up to him and something along the lines of "you recall a few days back when you mentioned _______"

    • Oh boy, I totally thought he was like testing me to see if I was a marrying type cause he DID NOT want a serious thing with anyone.. But I am SO not used to marriage talk, or planning.. It was not a conversation starter, it was in the middle of a conversation... Between childhood , school, sex, then marriage... For real, but with a straight face - his, I was still looking for the joke. Does the context help at all ? He is pretty cool overall, that part threw me bit tho. :-)

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