When you think of marriage vows "for better or worse" how much "worse" would you be willing to stay for?

Many people divorce because people change and dont like the person that their partner has become. But everyone changes with age so, when you say for better or for worse does that mean you'll stay through anything or only for as long as the person is likable to you?
How much would you put up with before you consider divorce?


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  • when you say "for better or worse", what you are promising is "forever, no matter what". you dont calculate in a divorce. the idea is that that doesn't happen.

    i agree though, people change, and most people nowadays get married way too young. so the idea of marriage is, in this day and age, a bit.. nonsense. after all, if you love each other and want to spend the rest of your lives together, why would you need a contract with your autographs on it to confirm that?


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  • If I love her or catch myself falling out of love it would definitely be a "honey we to talk" and tell her we need a vacation or something to rekindle our love (I hope she'd do the same if she felt that way).

    If I marry it's for the long run I want to live and die of old age. People take marriage lightly now a days. If I tell some one I love them give them a ring and give a part of myself away to them they better have the fucking decency to work to stick together.

    • Miss read the question. I guess if she had an affair a lack of judgment and one night stand can be a mistake I would forgive because I'd still love her. But a planned out affair it would destroy me in every way possible guys who can stay with woman like that are the most selfless loving types. That care about making sure their kids have a good life.

  • This is why we don't have vows in my marriage system. Vowing is considered bad. It is just like swearing. So better let time tell what will happen.


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