What if marriage didn't exist?

What if the concepts of marriage and dating didn't exist? And people just went about their lives knowing that yes, to reproduce takes one boy and one girl, but there's no rules or social stigmas?


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  • With the end of cave life and hunting and migration, and at the onset of farming in the history of mankind, greedy men invented the idea of marriage, because DNA paternity testing didn't exist back then, so nobody could tell who the father of the "children" i. e. the labour workforce was, and so they couldn't tell who owned those children and so to which man or actually head of family the results of the work would belong. The only way to know the father was by restricting whom the females had sex with.
    And in an effort to enforce that rule, they spread the idea that sex with someone you're not married to, is dirty, a great wrong, and that you should feel terribly guilty for doing so (I won't mention which manipulative philosophy they used to register and enforce those rules with everyone, as it might sound offensive to some people). When in reality sex is a completely normal and natural human right and behavior reserved for you and whoever and whenever you choose to, feel like, and decide that it's the right thing for YOU to do.

    • Very insightful

    • wow what a load of unfounded load of rubbish. Where have you got your sources? The library of bulls**t?

      Asker, this is fiction, lots of it. Mammals can be monogamous and it is in our nature like other mammals to mate for life. It's science, marriage was an extra term given by the religious at first but then spread to legality.

      Wow to quote from Billy Madison "what you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul."

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  • If marriage didn't exist, men wouldn't be victims of draconian divorce laws in most parts of the world, and wouldn't be losing their house, car and custody of kids.

    • All this is very true.

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    • Our great ancestors did illegal things against the unfair British rules and that's how India got independence -- so, if any law is unfair, it's completely ethical to break it. Anyway, I'm not into prostitutes, but 498 A is encouraging more suicides of men, frustration, and probably more murders of wives. I too would immigrate elsewhere if possible. But I think the laws won't apply only if you marry a citizen of some other country (some people got screwed when they visited India)

    • @Johnyk
      Those days are long gone. With the amount of corruption in India now, combined with the selfish media's portrayal of ALL Indian men as evil monsters, this law will stand the test of time.
      Yeah, people who visit India can get screwed too. So better not visit India after that, if there is a 498A case pending against the man.

  • Well i think people have so many different views on marriage and i guess its up to the partners to decide what they want to do with their lives going forward. When i met and courted the girl i loved, there came a time when we wanted to get married, why? We wanted to go through that process of being married i guess. I some way it gave us the feeling of being "committed", but its different for everyone else.

    After all those years i still would not want it any other way. I guess people are free to do as they want with their lives and as long as they seem happy about their decisions, i'm cool with that.

    • ^^ I agree

      Although there is something about marrying the one you love that is just so comforting... Seems like a nice way to live the rest of ur time on Earth.

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    • Yes, i agree many men and women abuse the law and we have to stand up to that. Yes our society has changed and we have all these issues to deal with, i wish i knew the answer to all of this, its certainly a complex issue

  • Meh... don't really care about marriage so I would not miss it. Dating also would not affect me either with the situation I am in.

  • Is it not what is happening in sex before marriage. People just doing meaning less things.


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  • marriage didn't exist back in cave times but men still partnered for life. it is in our nature.

    People dont get married out of social stigma, they get married to make a commitment. That is why some people don't even do it in church.

    • True

      It is not something completelu artificial
      There os something so natural about wanting to partner up

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