What is he thinking when he turns me on like that!?

What would be going through a guys head when he:

takes your hand and gently bites it, keeping your fingers between his teeth, in his mouth for a little while to see what your expression would be.

Then the next time he does it, he drags your finger tips to his lower lip and gently rubs your fingers across his lip.

And then looks from the corner of his eyes to see my reaction

And then the next time he does this he starts to add a bit of tongue.

Like this seriously turns me on so much! But I don't know why he does it, he knows I'm keeping myself for marriage. What exactly is he trying to do? Do you think he's trying to test his limits?


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  • He wants to arouse you, He succeeded. I think he is trying to see how far "keeping myself for marriage" is and what your boundaries are.

    It's also kind of a little victory for him that he got you turned on so much.


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  • if there ain´t no way you gon have sex with him and he knows it he probably just wants to make out be close to you, as long as you stay strong what´s the harm in seein where it goes ( besides sex)


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  • No, he's teasing for the fun of it.. Or else, he wants to see will you do other stuff other than sex? It doesn't say one place in the bible that masturbation is bad.. Masturbation is actually good for you on a regular basis..

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