Society deems 'incest' as wrong so why do people get married and is accepted in society?

Let me explain: If I married my girlfriend her brothers would be my 'step brothers' her sisters would be my 'step sisters' and her parents my 'step parents'

Now doesn't that make my girlfriend my 'wife/Step sister'?

Now if that's not the case.. Why not? Enlighten me. Because how can all her family be my family but her not my family or At least my wife/STEP SISTER?

I meant in laws haha my mistake


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  • They'd actually be your 'brother in laws', 'sister in laws' and 'parents in law', not step family. Either way, you're right, I'm not sure where there's a distinction.


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  • You have it all wrong. That's not what a step family is. Marriage isn't incest unless you marry a blood relative. A step family is when your mom or dad marries someone else - they become your step mother or step father, and THEIR children are your step siblings.

    When you get married, your spouse's family become your IN-LAWS - so their mom and dad are your mother in law and father in law, and sister and brother are sister in law and brother in law, etc.

    • And your wife or husband are just that - they don't become your step siblings, lol.

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    • You're making this way more complicated then it needs to be. If you're in a relationship with your sister (as in a girl with whom you share one or both parents) THAT is incest. She would be your wife, but still your sister. That's what incest is.

      Marriage between two people who are not closely related to each other and not from the same family is not incest.

      That is the simplest answer I can give you.

    • You're welcome.

  • Maybe you should check the definition of incest again.

  • I don't know who taught you the meaning of "step" but it sure isn't that. Brother in law, father in law, mother in law etc. "step" is when your mom or dad is married to someone else and that person becomes your step -parent. I get what you're trying to say but it's more like a when you get married you both become one

  • A step sibling would be if your mother or father married another person with a child. That child would become your step-brother/sister. If you married someone, their family becomes your "in-laws". So you have a mother-in-law, brother-in-law, etc. etc. Certain societies view if a cousin is so far removed, then it is legal to marry and would no longer be deemed incest. Not sure who made the rules, but that's how it's been. I guess they determined after so many separations, the likelihood of genetic birth defects are slimmer.


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  • Step Brother =/= Brother In Law.
    Step siblings are the children of your step parents like if you mom/dad remarried or married someone else. In Laws are family through marriage and marriage alone.

    Incest is between family members that are closely related, like, same gene pool and family tree level.

    Not sure why that had to be explained...

    • I meant in laws. But wouldn't that make your wife.. Your wife/sister in law.. Still making it sick and wrong?

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    • Nope. Not doing this, there's nothing there, youve created an imaginary link. You're new to thinking, thats nice, but stop it.

    • Okay bro thankyou for tour answer and the laugh ahah :) have a nice day brah

  • Incest is about blood relation not what you are on paper.

  • Incest is marriage to a blood family member dumbass

    • I got my words mixed up for 1.

      I was
      In a rush
      Posting it. I was just trying to explain just imcase noone new what I meant but obviously failed and realised after I posted it.


    • Still needs to be blood relation.

  • Let me explain: If I married my girlfriend her brothers would be my 'step brothers' her sisters would be my 'step sisters' and her parents my 'step parents'

    no, they wouldn't

    if your mother married a guy with kids, he would be your step father, and his kids your stop brothers and sisters

    if you marry your girlfriend, her siblings become your brothers and sisters in law

    • But why doesn't my girlfriend get the 'sister in law' label too?

      Thats like my mum and dad fuc*ing and having a baby and saying 'brad.. That baby right their is nothing to do with you'

      Makes no sense

    • because she is not your sister by law, she is your wife

  • Incest takes place only between immediate family members. Like brother, sister, father, mother, grandparents. Marriage is allowed by most between including cousins.

  • Did no one explain the concept of incest to you? Or marriage?

    Incest is an act between close blood relatives. Marriage is not.

    • I know I just tried to explain it whilst in the tittle ahah I also was in a rush so relax

  • First of all, having sex with a step brother/sister isn't incest.

    Secondly, brothers-in-law aren't step brothers.

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