Guys and Marriage?

When are you ready for marriage? if you say you don't believe in marriage, is that for real or that ur just not ready or haven't meant the right girl?

What kind of girl would you consider to be marriage material? If you meant that girl, would you hold back or end things because you weren't ready?

Would you consider marriage if the girl you wanted to spend the rest of ur life with wanted marriage?


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  • I don't believe in marriage personally, simply because about 35% of the people that do get married get a divorce within the next 2 years so why waste both of our money on fixing a mistake.(or possibly mistake)

    I believe in living together, hell I even want a couple of rugrats later on but marriage isn't going to happen for me.

  • I oppose marriage because people take it as a free pass to stop working on the relationship. As soon as a I see a couple get married they act as though they think "this person is bonded to me for life so I can do whatever I want and I'll never be alone again".

    It creates a reverse effect.


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