Is he the right one?

So my best friend of six years and I have been dating for 2 years. We are both each other's firsts. We have always been with the intent to marry. Well now it is becoming a reality. We are thinking of getting married in around 2 years. Well in my concidwration of him becoming my husband and maybe a father I have got to wondering. We have taken multiple marriage and dating courses. We have even taken a divorce prevention course to prepare ourselves. We don't kiss or have sex because we believe it is best to wait before marriage. Now I am going through everything and really looking hard into myself. I want him to be my first and only one, but now I am wondering is he really the right one. I don't want to second guess any of this and I know I love him and he loves me, but I don't want to. make the wrong decision. I need your guys help to help me work through this and know if he is really the right one. Or should we stop and move one from each other (which I know we both would be heart broken over). Could you guys help?

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  • it sure sounds like he has a lot of respect for you and a guy does not suggest getting married unless he is sure. congratulations it sounds like you are one of the few traditional (more or less) couples left. i hope it goes well


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  • I'm not saying he's the "right or wrong one" for one because i don't know him. But you guys have came this far being loving each other without having sex which I think is really awesome and amazing because a lot of relationships have failed because the same thing. But you have to find what's right for you and what you feel in your heart and gut is best (never think about it because you'll overthink it and everything will go to crap). I guess the sexual tension can be too high to start kissing so you might wanna take a break for a while to truly know how you feel about him and if you can live without him. Marriage is a very serious thing to me and I wouldn't wish anyone to marry anyone they don't love on my worst day. You might wanna talk about how you feel with him too.


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  • 1. I don't understand not kissing before marriage.

    2. You will never "know" that someone is the right one until you are actually married for a few years.

    3. It sounds like you are holding yourself back emotionally and now you have doubts because you are not so connected emotionally. You will have that same issue with any other guy that you might eventually date.

    4. People get married believing that they have chosen the right one and nonetheless the eventually get divorced.

    5. Read my Take on deciding who you should marry:

  • Yes, he is the right person but you didn't need to take marriage courses or divorce prevention courses. That is a waste of time. Why you should marry and he is right is because you both have choosen you without having sex or anything which is hard to come by in the U. S.


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