People who understand make up... help ASAP?

so i have a wedding at 5 pm (in a few hours basically)

1- im using powder foundation (the only one i got) i have kinda olive skin (maybe a bit darker or lighter) im a brunette basically
should i use a shade that is darker or lighter than my skin?
and do i wet the sponge before using?

i have Luna sun screen which im gonna use, it says you can ue it before applying make up and its also a moisturizer
do i need to wt the sponge as well?

2- what eyeshadow colour should i be using?
i have black eyes (like REALLY dark brown)
i dont really want a ton of eyeshadow or lots of shades ,,, i want it like barely visible, like you can see some glitter or you can tell there is something there, just not too much you know
and im also going to be wearing black eyeliner

If you need anymore details just ask


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  • u want to look something a little like my profile pic?

    You dont wet your sponges for anything... The foundation if it is a powder 3-in-1 type will go on as a powder, dry. Going lighter will bleach in a photo but going darker if you have a low cut top on could look crap...

    The moisturiser will probably affect the foundation so I suggest putting this on a long time before your make up or not at all... your natural skin needs the foundation to stick to it and if the moisturiser is still sitting in your pores you will look like you are melting.

    Let me know if you like my eye make up and i will tell you more :)

    • thank you so much !

      and your eyes look very pretty but i dont think that look will look good on my eyes lol

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    • oh and about the foundation. won't the make up stick for longer time if i apply it a few minutes after sun creen or moisturizer or w. e?

    • no it sticks to your pores unless it is serum or a different foundation.

      Future reference though you need some better kit :)

  • If you're olive complected use a foundation that has a warm undertone (yellows) unless it's from MAC, then you would use a cool in MAC foundation only. If it's a powder foundation there's no need to wet a sponge, you should actually be applying it with a foundation brush, preferably with natural bristles but whatever you have is fine. Always put your moisturizer, sun screen on BEFORE using your foundation and you wouldn't need to apply that with a sponge. Just massage it into your skin as you would any other day. If you want light makeup try going for a nude eye look. Colors like brown, champagne, a very slight pink. If you're not sure look for a nude eye palette with a few shimmering shades. As for your eyeliner you can do a simple cat eye, or just simply tight line. If you still want a natural look you can choose a nude or baby pink lip gloss, if not maybe a bold red lip might interest you. Is there anything else you want to know?

    • wow very thoorough !

      and yea i might go for pink eyeshadow and cat eye
      and thanks for the lipgloss tip ! i forgot to ask about it lol

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    • You're so welcome! Really glad you enjoyed yourself. :D

    • thank you !