Running into an ex at a wedding?

My boyfriend and I are going to a wedding. My ex was invited (we don't know if he's going) and the last time I saw him I threatened to call the police on him. My boyfriend's ex is IN the wedding and just last weekend she sent him a highly inappropriate selfie. I don't want to take away from the couple's big day, but I can't help but worry about the s**t storm that is brewing, and it's too late to back out of going, we've RSVP'd and paid for the hotel room. Oh- and this wedding is open bar. I think I'm about to have an anxiety attack, what do I do?


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  • Its not as weird as my brother inviting his ex at his own wedding...

    Even wierder is when she started flirting with his younger brother (me) later on that night.

    I remember during the ceremony i was looking at her because she looked familiar and she caught me looking when it hit me that she was his ex girlfriend lol!!

    Then during the banquet part of the wedding she went up to me and started chatting with me. Which I ended abrubtly after I told her that I was the sibling of the groom.

    Awks. :S

    • haha!

    • Also since you are single (I assume) its the perfect occasion to mingle with those single groomsmen.

      Your ex is old news. It's time to move on lady! ;p

    • no, I'm going with my boyfriend. But his ex is a bridesmaid. It's tricky when everyone sort of runs with the same crowd

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  • Oh geez what a doozy! As far as his ex goes try to ignore her, since she's in the wedding hopefully her bridesmaid dress will be horrible and she will be distracted by a single groomsman. As far as she goes let your boyfriend handle her unless she gets out of line directly to you. And if she does try to start anything try your hardest to be the bigger person and grit your teeth... Since she's in the wedding, if she does start anything and you remain cool she will look like a gigantic asshole to the bride, groom, and everyone attending. Not that you want that either, but it's better than it being you.

    If you're worried alcohol will intensify things try to only have a few drinks, or don't start drinking heavily/hard alcohol until things start to wind down. If either of your exes are wasted and out of control and you aren't... Again they look like jerks and you don't. You can't control what another person does, but you can control how you choose to react to them. Just keep telling yourself that.

    As for your ex? Since he's not in the wedding and you aren't likely to be sitting near one another, just try to avoid him. If he approaches you politely excuse yourself. Keep a few excuses handy beforehand and rehearse them so they just kind of roll off your tongue if the situation arises. Maybe plan a secret code or something with your boyfriend that the two of you can text or say to one another if things get out of hand, so you can go to the others rescue with an excuse to step outside for a minute.

    Other than that try to have fun. I know this is an anxiety provoking situation but you never know how things will turn out. There's a chance that nothing bad will happen at all and all of your worrying is for nothing. It's good to be prepared, but it's bad to over think so much you lose sleep so to speak.


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  • STAY calm and keep your cool. It's really sweet of you guys to accept your invite to the wedding even though you know both of your ex's are attending too! However don't let it get in your head, you are now with him, if she crosses any boundaries, or your ex give them a warning, if they choose to be disrespectful distance yourself. Walk in with your head held high and enjoy the night. Weddings are such a fun thing to go to, don't let other people ruin it. Drink a little, not too much and have fun! x

  • Just keep your distance be cordial and remember it's the bride and grooms day! Just keep you head up enjoy it with your boyfriend and stay away from drama.

  • Try deep breathing!

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