Is it uncommon to hate going to weddings even when it's for my own family member?

I have to go to my cousins wedding and I am really dreading it and I've noticed that everyone at weddings seems so happy around me for the respective bride and groom and I'm just kinda sitting there quietly trying to keep to myself. I've dated a girl forna couple years in HS and I'm 22 and starting my career and I'm just so bored by the thought of love and relationships. My family tells me I'm next to get married and I just laugh.


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  • Maybe it's because you're truly an introvert at heart and you kinda wanna be left alone?

    • I'm social and talk to girls as friends and maybe friends with benefits. I also have a lot of guy friends and am into the social club scene it'd just the thought of having to dress up and be professional is annoying.

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    • Yup and keep to yourself😎👍

    • Thank you for MH😊

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