What qualities does your future/current long-term partner (husband or wife) need to possess?

Hi, I'm 22 going on 23 and I have been spending a lot of time trying to shuffle my thoughts on what I truly need in a man, and it's been jeopardizing relationships and I actually just broke up with my boyfriend because of it. So I wanted some ideas as to what you all thought your husband/wife/or LT partner almost HAS to possess in order for it to continue to work, some things that I can come up with are:
loyalty, hard-working, makes me laugh, willing to try new things, respectful to me and my family, trust-worthy, and confident but not cocky.
Does anyone have anything they prefer? And is it unfair or narrow-minded to want these qualities as well as maybe someone who has a promising career ahead of them?


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  • When you get the career man,
    They are married to work

    When you get a nice homey guy,
    They might have an average job

    When you get an average personality guy,
    Chances are they would have a shitty family but he supports you in anything u do and is fucking needy.

    I'll prolly choose no.2


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  • Those are all fair qualities but let me ask you this how tall does he need to be? How muscular? What eye color? What penis size etc?


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  • wow I think that being 8 years older than you on the dating / marriage / divorce world that I am educated enough to tell you that this will not happen. You will be disappointed.

    It is not narrow minded, just naive as everyone has their bad points but you need to compromise if you want to find true love...

    • What can I define as true love though? I feel like I made a big mistake by leaving my boyfriend and I'm just afraid I was being too naive and focusing too much on the future and not enough on the fact that we were so in love... and he met all of those qualities except for the financial stability

      What types of things do couples have to compromise on?

    • that is a massive one... money is not everything. I have had money and I have had love and I would take love any day...

      My parents had hardly any money but we had each other, in the end that is all that matters and I hope you didn't tell him that you were leaving due to money or he won't take you back easily :( you have made a mistake hun, really. If you love him its all that matters as long as he wants to provide for you both and will try it is worth more than having a guy who will never be home as his job is more important. They are usually the ones working late nights with hot secretaries too... x