She's awesome, I know she has a thing for me but .... she is a grade ahead of me. I don't know WHAT TO DO

OK so there's this awesome girl who sits behind : she's beautiful has the best personality and I know for fact she likes me.( she always smiles at me , helps me , even stands up for me when someone is talking behind my back and last but not least she said I am really good looking to my face. ) Now the problem is I am nervous wreck around her like I will feel all light and vulnerable ... prob because I am astonished on how awesome she is . It's not that I lack confidence because I am usually charismatic but I just seem to melt around her and don't know what to say O and btw she is a grade ahead of me which is what makes me reluctant to engage in a deep conversation with her. As a guy I feel ashamed to be in this situation SO PLEASE HELP!

Come on everyone I need help this is driving me crazy


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  • aaww how cute. seems like you really digg this girl lol. well I just say you really really like her that's why you feel like that. especially making you feel like you can't tell her anything. might as well go with the flow if you know you can't talk to her. but if you do start of with a simply "hey hows your day going?" and from there on she'll talk with you more. she'll think you really care bout her and mayb you do. just ask questions but not personal til she asks you... becomes closer to herlike friends. things may turn out better if you two get to know each other better right now. I hope I helped good luck

    • It's not that we don't know each other like we talk and we are friends but not were I want to be. It just feels so weird because I never felt this way about someone before , when I am around her I just feel weak I have no clue why. When I am talking to her and look into her eyes It's all over I like temporally lose my personality and become completly passive. How am I suppose to talk to her when I am not myself. PLEASE HELP I AM IN DIRE NEED OF YOUR HELP

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  • if you are to nervous to actually go and talk to her about dating...then start with small talk...

    but I assume you do talk to her...well for sure you are into alot...thats good...and if she does all that you say she did...thats good just to make sure...try flirting with her...either by text or in person...girls ,atleast the ones I know, like to flirt...especially with guys they have interests in...but don't go out of character and do something to the seat next to her, sit down, *heavy breathing* "how ya doin? just checking up on ya" or some awkward shi*...cuz its a big turn off... your way around and start a conversation about relationships...ask her what kind of guy she likes...or what she looks for in a date...and etc...during this conversation...listen and try to look for hints that suggest that she is interested in you..:D

    and don't worry about age difference...i am currently 16...almost 17...and I actually dated a 20 year yeah...age is no biggy

    • Damn dude I feel a lot better and more comfortable knowing that your dating a 20 year old at age 16.... I am sixteen and she's almost eighteen and I thought that she was too grown up for me ... thnx 4 the advice

    • Yeah...but just kno that when I did date her....i didn't really get along with her friends that well at the try to act more mature if she introduces you to her "older' friends...and respect what she says...thats the most important of them all

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