Is he gonna call me again?

Well it all started a few months back, this guy was always staring at me and once saw me walking and came out running from a room out the door to, I guess, say something to me. But instead he just stared at me the whole time and I didn't know what to do so I just blushed and left to another room. Then, a few months later I decided to give him my number but then I found out that he had a girlfriend so we left like that and only talk casually. And then the during the past 2 months he was kinda talking more to me and this last month (December) I decided to ask him as a friend for one of his friend's phone number that has always been hitting on me but then he didn't answer my question. so a few weeks after he started texting me until one day we talked all night and ended up talking dirty and wanted to make put and etc but I had to say to him to come later instead of in that moment 'cause I just had a mess @ my place. We ended up setting it for the same day but later on. So I finally fixed the place and was waiting for his call, when later hi texts me that he needed a rain check for later. Then in the same week we almost did it again but always ended in nothing 'cause he fell asleep or something like that. Then, suddenly the next week he was talking less and not looking for me that much but he still flirts with me at work and stares at me but doesn't do anything. Then I decided to send him a text saying so what up with you? don't you desire me anymore? and he never answered but still stared and smiled at work... I don't understand!

does he like me? is he ever gonna call me again? what the hell is his deal? what should I do? I really like him and all and really wanted him.. so now I don't know what to do..


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  • um, does he still have girlfriend? are you sure he's not married? I understand that you may like him, but I'd make super sure he's available before making any future plans. If he still stares at you without engaging you in conversation I'd kindly ask him to stop unless he wants to engage in meaningful conversation because it's rather creepy.

    • Nah he's not married but I'm not sure if he's still with his gf! and well he doesn't exactly look at me in a creepy way, its kinda different I don't know how to explain it =\ we talked a lot and we always engaged in deep conversations (and we have so many things in common) but now he just stopped and doesn't even txt me he just says hi how are you at work and stares at me (like he wants me or something but he cant) or something like that. its very confusing...

    • And I don't wanna call him cause I don't wanna look persistent or something like that...

    • But he is most likely in a which case I don't see him making any overtures towards you in the foreseeable future. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt and say he wants his existing relationship to work...despite him looking at you and wanting you...but looking/wanting and doing something about it are two different things...

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  • I think you asking him to give you his friends number sparked sometihng, he liked you alittle and didn't want his friend to have you, but he could like you and only did it to get you off the tohught of liking his friend becauseof it and he might not want to end it with his girlfriend.

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