Women initiated most divorces, so is it not annoying that they want relationships so badly?

I am tired of hearing that men don't want relationships because women divorce at a much higher rate.

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  • Because men get so complacent tbh.

    Once they have a girl, its done, the chase is done and theyre settled. Girls don't like that, girls want to still be woo'ed even after he "has" her. And men forget that. Thats why women go for new guys because they're the only ones who put the effort in!

    • But from the opposite perspective. Men don't like to always try. You guys have to pursue each other. I hated it when my girlfriend would always tease and expect me to chase her ALL OF THE DAMN TIME. She never chased back.

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    • I do like to chase but I hate how I have to always ask for affection since I am chasing her. She never actually give affections on her own accord and you think that because of societal gender norms that tell women to be submissive.

    • Ah ok, with my ex i had problems with getting any affection too. One day I asked him about it and he said "im not really an affectionate person". I always was, and am. I don't think its girls as a gender more than just she wasn't very affectionate. But hey just ask her, in a way thats not whiny of course, but you won't get if you don't ask

Most Helpful Guy

  • They want them badly but once they actually get one, they grow bored and seek the excitement of hooking up again. Their husband as never as hot as exciting as the guys she had flings with so its not surprising that they loose interest in marriage. Additionally Its pretty easy for them to initiate divorce and they are practically guaranteed custody of the kids and half of their husbands assets. If you think about it, they actually benefit more from a divorce than they do from the marriage. They can take the kids and half of their soon to be ex husbands assets while proceeding to find a hotter guy to fuck. You can't really blame them for playing their cards to the best off their ability.


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  • there is no correlation between the 2 sorry you are having women problems and feel the need to put the blame on them


What Guys Said 2

  • They want marriage/relationships so badly because if and when they end/fail they won't get the short end of the stick, right? Which is where problems lay IMHO LOL. I mean they say "till death does us part", right? So If my wife ever tried to leave me "I'd kill her" since we made a life long commitment NOT A "I'll leave you whenever I see fit" kind of thing.

    Sounds extreme, right? But I can guarantee women wouldn't dare leave marriages the way they do in today's world if and when they knew it would be dire consequences. Not them getting 50% if not more of yo shit for signing a piece of paper (the #system even helps them do it) hahahaha

    Everything I just said was geared towards marriages, not normal relationships LOL.


    • I mean if __ takes everything that you own you may as well #WHACK her ass + take ya bid in prison/kill yourself cuz your life is over anyway, right?

  • Why do people always connect the dots in such a ludicrous fashion? There is no correlation between your two assumptions mate. Sorry you are so frustrated with women, or whatever your reason was for posting this.

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