How to surprise my husband?

I have been looking in a lot of videos and most girls kinda get in a sheer robe or gown and then just lets it down
I don't know how to do that because im very insecure about my boobs because I feel they are too big (j cups) im actually surprised my husband even married me with these huge breast I always convince myself he married me for a reason but at the end I just cry and worry what if he won't like me big j cups and if he asked me to get on top would he even be repulsed by me being naked
please help im so terrified and dead worried please HELP!!!

im using my freinds daughters account with her permission by the way but anyways... HELP


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  • Breasts are breasts imagine him asking the same question you are asking but instead he's talking about his man beef


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  • You want to surprise someone, You punch them in the back then tickle their armpit
    You do this wearing an abaraham lincoln mask, Clown pants, Wooden shoes, and a tie dye t-shirt.
    All joking aside, He loves you, he married you, Big boobs are for most men a turn on.
    If you really want you could wear leather.

  • I'm sure he loves your boobs. He wouldn't marry you if he was repulsed. He wants you. Go ahead and go for it and I know he'll love it


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