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My boyfriend told me that he got me a present in a small box and it can fit on my hand and I guessed a ring and he said maybe and than I said it is isn't it and he said what if it was a ring with a diamond in it? And I said what are you trying to ask me? And he said what if I got down on one knee? What would you say? And I said yes.

He said that he's gonna give me the present when he sees me which is this weekend. Do you think he's gonna propose?


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  • Sounds like he will soon by the way he's talking.

  • Are you ready for that I notice you are under 18. Married is a big deal at 24 I am not even ready. Maybe it just a promise ring. How long have you dated him.

    • I've been dating him for 3 month's. It will be 4 next month. I love him but I told him I want to get married at 24 and have kids at 25. And he said that he's cool with that. I'm 17 I'll be 18 next month.

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