He wants a camp wedding, I want a formal Valentines Day wedding. Help combining?

Okay so me and my boyfriend were talking about our future together and the wedding topic came up. His ideal wedding is the stereotypical country pickup truck wedding, where as mine is Valentine's Day formal wedding with wine, champagne, light finger foods, etc. etc. How do we combine them? Keep in mind that he doesn't listen to any of MY ideas and we have argued over it already but I want to resolve it. Our wedding ideas are exact opposites, how would we combine it to make a partial camo-formal Valentines Day wedding?

(P. S. I know that I'm young its not like I'm getting married soon but I want to resolve our argument and get it over with and I'm stuck.)


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  • What's your opinion on him and the grooms men in camo suits

    • Well, I was recently thinking something like that, but instead of camo suits, like a camo tie or cowboy boots or a camo rag-thing that some suits have in the jacket chest pocket.

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  • First of all, you're like 17 so it's not even anything to worry about 'cause odds are you won't marry him anyway (sorry).

    Second of all... I'm on board with your boyfriend (also sorry).

    Third of all, have the wedding in February like you want (again, not sure why 'cause that sounds hella cold), and have camo hearts and stuff.




    Except you'll be insanely cold getting married in February.

    • I clearly said that I wasn't getting married soon. I said, and I quote, " (P. S. I know that I'm young its not like I'm getting married soon but I want to resolve our argument and get it over with and I'm stuck.)" and fyi, that's why there's indoors :D and honestly camo dresses in my opinion are the ugliest thing I've ever seen. The same with camo hearts. For one, there won't be hearts at my wedding, because hearts scattered everywhere like confetti takes away the purpose of the ceremony. And for two, camo takes away the purpose of hearts in the first place. So no thanks to those. My wedding will be planned for a valentines day, so the theme on my end would be valentines day. Not outside freezing my tail off themed wedding. (sorry)

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    • Awwwwwww someone's embarrassed. Such a shame. If you have such a stable relationship, why are you always on the internet? I honestly doubt what anyone would wanna be with you, because you'd never pay attention to them, always on the internet looking at a screen. I'm 16, have my permit, have 2 jobs, go to school, and be with my boyfriend. And THEN, I have a few minutes to the internet. See the difference between me and you? I work harder, and I don't sit around on my ass staring at a screen. Deal with it.

    • Again, not going to compete with you.

      I've been in a relationship for four years. So take a chill pill and back the fuck off.

  • You could get married in the country and have the after party/dinner + drinks at something you'd like :) like a formal setting. Or the opposite way