Is he going to propose... Sooner than I think?

So I've been dating my boyfriend for two years already! The year and a half of the relationship hasn't been filled with love because we were both scared to open up to each other but the last half has been filled with nothing but love!! It took us a while but we both fell so deep in love! He's very attached to me as I am to him! I just came from a weekend getaway well... From his sisters wedding which was 6 hours away from our city lol he was very emotional and loving to me! He was and still very affectionate to me. I just met his relatives and they kept asking me and him when we were going to get married!!! :o they've told me as well, that he has spoken great things about me. He says he does want to get married but not til after we finish college 🏫. But his relatives kept asking constantly this weekend? Does that mean he's going to propose sooner than I think?


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  • If he said he wants to wait until after college I would expect that to still be true. You should talk to him about it though.