Is he just keeping me around in case he feels like having a girlfriend again, or does he really love me?

So this guy I knew in high school that I was in love with found me on Facebook, and we started talking and he told me he had always loved me and no woman compared over the years (18). So we began a long distance romance, and he constantly told me how much he loved me, how I was his soul mate, his light in the darkness; he came to see me, he proposed, we talked about having kids, he introduced me to his son as his soon-to-be-stepmom, then two months later, after a nasty letter by my best friend who thought he wasn't being as attentive as he should be, he breaks up with me, saying that he's scared because we moved too fast (he proposed, not me), and he isn't sure he wants that level of commitment, but he loves me, etc. So, between October and December, we text sporadically, until I went to Florida for Christmas (he lives there). All of a sudden he's texting me all the time, and then he says he wants to see me, so we saw each other twice. Everything went well, I didn't bring up the relationship, he did, telling me it's not that he doesn't love me or care about me, but he isn't ready for that level of commitment- his exact words were "I want marriage, I want you, I want the house, and kids, I just don't want it right now". So since I've been back home, we've communicated at least every other day, and he makes comments about how "We're friends, or whatever you want to call this relationship", yet he used to almost brag about how he's not friends with any of his exes. Is he just keeping me around in case he feels like having a girlfriend again, or does he really love me?


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  • Don't let him keep you on a string.. You're young, live a little. Go your separate ways, if it was meant to be it will be. Besides if you tell him you're not gonna wait around maybe that will light a fire under his ass. Like my mom always said -very eloquently- "Shit or get of the pot." LOL.

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