How old do you think someone should ideally be to be married?

I am not talking abot what you think the legal age should be.
Speaking in generalities within what YOU perceive to be the American culture right now.

I've always liked my fathers justification for it:

You should be about 25 before you get married. By then you are often firmly in your career with a good cash flow and there is less upheavel in your life.
(The most common strain on a marriage is aways money)

  • at least 18
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  • at least 21
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  • at least 25
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  • at least 30
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  • It doesn't matter as long as they love each other
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  • Statistically and biologically, the answer is at least 25 as that's when the brain is done fully developing and the line at which marriages beginning after that age have a drastically higher chance of success.


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  • I'd say at least 25 and i agree with your father usually people those age already have a stable job etc..

  • I say 18. My mom and dad got married when they were 19 and they have been together almost 25 years.

    • For most people it wouldn't work out. I'm glad it did for them though. Your argument shouldn't rely on the availability heuristic principle tho. (i. e. smoking isn't so bad because their grandma lived to 100 and she smoked 3 packs a day)

    • I see your point. I'm just saying that it works out quite often in my area. A lot of people I know who have gotten married around 20 have stayed together longer than the people who waited to 25-30.

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  • just I've 34 old, never marry or relationship, girls are not love me because I'm Deaf.