Is it common to be feel butterflies after recently getting engaged?

I recently proposed to my longtime girlfriend on our trip to myrtle beach by Broadway at the beach. She flipped out and cried before saying yes and it was a cool moment. It doesn't matter what we do I awlays have butterflies and keep imaging our wedding night even though it's almost 2 years away. It's hard to explain but I feel good knowing I may have found the girl I was meant to spend my life with and I feel a little scared at the same time.


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  • That is really sweet. Tell her that :) congrats!

    • It's scary though lol we can be having a beer in-between class with some friends I still am focused on the idea. I may be married relatively soon.

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    • Yes it's what I want but its still scary in a way. It's like I've officially grown up and have more responsibilities.

    • But with those responsibilities you gain a partner in life :)

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