Which one is the best: should I make my weeding before or after I give birth and why?

I'm pregnant in 5 months and I have a duaghter she's 2 years old from my ex. My new fiancé said we should make the weeding before I give birth to his baby because we should have fun at least for a while because i will be too busy with the kids and we won't enjoy in our special day or honeymoon and i said we should after i give birth which one is the best guys?

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  • Your weeding, you should do that when you have weeds,
    If you mean wedding, as soon as possible. Life's short.


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  • How would you even enjoy anything while you're pregnant? That doesn't seem fun either. Just do it after that way you don't have to worry about being two sizes two big that day or people gawking at you. Do it after the baby is like 1.

    • Yeah this is really confusing and hard.

    • Don't listen to him bc this actually is about you and want you want or need for the most part.

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  • It would be cute if you had the baby in your wedding photos 😍 So i say after the baby is born

  • You want to look and feel your best on your wedding day. You should be able to feel confident in your dream dress not just one that fits because you are pregnant. You should be able to dance and have a few drinks with toasts and stuff at your wedding do you really want to be drinking cider and sitting instead of dancing with your new husband because your feet are swollen?

    Will you really be able to enjoy a honeymoon pregnant? No. By the time you planned a wedding you probably wouldn't be able to fly anymore.

    Plus all you have to do is plan the wedding for about 3-6 months after the birth or whenever you would feel comftorable leaving the baby and ask a family member to watch the kids. And then you can actually enjoy your special day and honeymoon