Husband's ex going to be a military wife too?

Okay, I have bitten my tongue for a while and I feel like I'm beating a dead horse with this, but basically I am a military wife, moved to this city about a year ago with my husband and now I find out that one of his best friends is marrying my husband's ex-gf. Somehow, they didn't make their relationship known to their co-workers because this also came as a surprise to my husband. (For those who aren't familiar) this means that I will be seeing her at all the spouse meetings, company meetings, reunions, etc.

Normally this wouldn't bother me, but the chances of this happening are little to none because she is also from my husband and I's hometown.

a little backstory: They dated for a few months, he says she was crazy, trying to get him to marry her, she was a tag chaser and when he tried to break up with her, she threatened suicide. He basically cut her off because she was nuts.
I feel like this coincidence is just TOO weird to be just a coincidence. How did she meet a guy from my husband's company that lives 2 hours away? I feel so weird about this, my gut is telling me that something fishy is going on,

please someone tell me if I'm feeling what I should or if I'm overreacting?
How would you feel in this situation?

P. s- I know my husband wouldn't cheat on me with her, I don't trust HER and definitely don't want to see her face everywhere I go.


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  • You can't really control this, let trust do the work.


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  • Maybe she was crazy enough to stalk his life and bump into one of his friends? It could all be part of a grand scheme to get into your husband's life. Lol, who knows, but who cares? You trust your husband and that's what's important, besides the only time you'll ever see her is when you're at the spouse meetings, reunions, and the different events they have. You and your husband will be together so I'm quite sure she wouldn't dare approach you. If she does the two of you could walk away from her and not even acknowledge her existence. Just because she's marrying his friend, doesn't mean either of you need to have contact with her.


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  • Man this would make a good movie script.


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  • You cannot control other people's lives, so stop worrying about some thing that is really none of your business. What she does is none of your concern unless it involves your husband, so if he isn't involved then stop wasting your time worrying about what his ex-girlfriend does.


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