How do I tell my friend I really want to have sex with her?

This girl has been working for me for about 2 months now, and we recently both discovered there is something between us, but we are both married. We both don't want to compromise our marriages, and we came close to having sex one day, until the front door opened. Now she is a little weary about me touching her here, but I would really like to have sex with her only, with no strings attached. We had already both informed each other we are sexually frustrated and I just don't know how to tell her that I want to have sex with her.


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  • Don't do it. You'll get caught some how no matter how careful you are. You're dishonoring your wife. Not fair to her. You married her because you loved her and by cheating on her you'd be throwing all that out the window. She'd be completely broken. Why don't you just have sex with your wife? . and if you're sexually frustrated talk it out with your wife, discuss trying new things, etc. Don't be one of those disgusting sex craving pigs. It's men like that women hate. you'll be a man-whore :)

    so I hope that you really think this through. this is serious. I hope I could help in anyway.


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  • Don't do it. Period.

    It is men like you who give the good guys a bad wrap. Disgusting.


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  • just don't do it