What's the point of getting married?

It seems really pointless. Most marriages don't last very long anyways, so why take the risk of someone taking half of your shit in the first place?


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  • the point of getting married is to share my life with someone i love under the blessings of the holy spirit that unites my soul with another. id vow to love them wholeheartedly till i die.
    many marriages dont last, sure, but many also do, and I'm not sure how people can be so stupid to disregard that. I'm gonna b in one of those marriages that lasts.

    a lot of things in life involve risk but we do them because we want to... that argument is quite weak. like why ride a motorbike when u can be in the safety of a car? why have sex without a condom when u know u could get her pregnant? why drink that extra bottle of booze when u know ur driving home that night? ... we're humans... it's in our nature to take risks for things and people we love.


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  • I have contributed a few posts explaining the utility of being legally married. Here is a cut and paste excerpt from one such post:

    Above and beyond all the emotional, financial, psychological, sexual and companionship reasons to marry, being legally married means that:

    - should my wife become sick, I can give medical directions on her behalf. She can do the same for me.
    - if she were to die, I would inherit our family home without paying an inheritance tax (she owned the home prior to marrying me)
    - I have the right to receive her body and observe her burial requests
    - she is elegible to be on my employer's health insurance plan.
    - we pay federal income taxes at a lower effective rate
    - marriage gave me the authority to represent myself as the step-father of my wife's daughters She receives the same authority to represent herself as my child's step mom.
    - she is elegible to be the beneficiary of my life insurance
    - we may be jointly considered for credit application
    - we automatically inherit each others worldly possessions without the necessity of probate court

    When I was in the military, there were many benefits that accrued ONLY to married people:

    - basic allowance for housing (single men lived on board the ship)
    - family separation allowance (paid while deployed)
    - CHAMPUS (dependant health insurance)
    - access to the ombudsman program (best source of info on ship's schedule)
    - access to base facilities including the exchange and the subsidized commissary
    - access to base housing
    - the right to be relocated to overseas duty stations with military member

    It goes on and on this way. Marriage is woven into everything. The main intent is not so much that you change your status toward each other but rather you change your status before the state.

    As far as the "she takes half of you shit" argument goes, that's not the way it commonly works anymore. Women earn their own wages and contribute to the household too. In that context, half of HER shit is yours too. As a practical matter, each party leaves the marriage with their own shit most of the time.

    When I divorced I got custody of my son and I kept all my household goods.

    When my current wife divorced her first husband, she made no claim against his future pension.

    Basically, you are speaking in stereotypes and I'm speaking from first hand experience.


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  • To me, it's for the legal benefits. I wouldn't marry someone I didn't love, but I don't need to marry them to prove I love them. You can always have a prenup to deal with any property concerns, and with marriage, you get legal privileges which are beneficial to the relationship (in my opinion, anyway).

    Not terribly romantic of me, I guess. :P

    • They'll find some way to fuck you over anyways, it doesn't matter. You don't get that many legal privileges by the way, not ones that are worth anything anyways.

    • I'd hope you wouldn't pick someone who'd fuck you over even if you got divorced. :(

      I think the privileges are worth it, but of course everyone values different things. I mean, most of them, I don't care about. But there are a few that do seem important to me (visiting rights for immediate family, and making medical decisions for incapacitated spouse, for example).

  • People don't take it seriously, they get divorced all the time, get married multiple times so to me I really don't see why it's still around. I think give it another 100 years and it will be a tradition like Christenings or something. Not the norm but some like to do it.

  • I wondered that too until I met the man I am with.

    It is the most beautiful experience to meet someone you can grow with and be good for, in happiness and love. This is a relationship I will be in for the rest of my life, and I am so, so, happy. No relationship is perfect, but my partner and I work through everything together without anger or frustration. We are always growing together. Legal marriage isn't necessary, but we pretty much consider ourselves emotionally married if that makes sense ahah

    • Yeah, I'm not that kind of a person who can trust people in that way.

    • That's more of an issue with yourself than anyone else. If you have problems trusting others, you are the cause of your own relationship misfortune - whether that means your relationships never work out, or you can never find a stable relationship.

      Trust is the foundation of a good relationship. I can go out and hang out with a bunch of my girl friends, and my wife doesn't care. In fact, if I neglect my girl friends for several months, she will force me to see them. She never looks over my shoulder to see who I'm with, nor does she snoop on my phone when I'm not looking. If instead, she chased away all my girl friends, always asks who I'm talking to on the phone and doesn't allow me to even say hello to another woman, that's a recipe for a failed relationship.

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  • One can justify just about anything as pointless. For example, why do you bother to live? You'll eventually die, so living is pointless. Everything that your ancestors, you and your future family accomplishes will amount to nothing upon the destruction of the earth via meteor, the sun going supernova, or some self-inflicted Armageddon of mankind. Since living is pointless, stop breathing already.

    Marriage is a religious symbol of dedication to your partner. As the younger generation has a greater tendency to shun religion, so too do they shun the concept of marriage and committing oneself to another. Almost every culture and civilization that has developed has also created the concept of marriage, so it is not associated with a specific religion, culture or civilization and has become the norm based upon mankind's history.

    As our culture has changed over time, the religious significance of marriage has declined. While some cite the financial and legal benefits of marriage, the US and Canada views common-law status no differently than marriage. So if you have a girlfriend whom you have lived with at the same address for more than a year, you are treated no differently than a married couple. You can claim a single income tax filing, and she can take half of your assets when you split up. So avoiding marriage doesn't really protect you from someone taking half your assets.

  • I don't see any point in it. I think marriage is a stupid custom, I don't believe in marriage and having kids and so I am never going to get married. Ever.

  • If you start with the idea you can't trust her, it's better not to start a relationship.

  • To reproduce with ma baby @missnowhere and pass on dem genes 😎

  • I agree but it's usually the women that want it eventually or they will leave you and then you marry them and then they are the first to file for divorce