One of my guy friends and I have been friends for about 4 years now. We recently just confessed our love for each other, we see one another everyday as well as talk via phone. He has told me some of his deep secrets that no one knows recently. He brings up marriage and children on a daily basis but never includes who the female is. when we were discussing marriage yesterday he said "my friends and I have this plan for our children to marry one another, I hope your okay with that, if not you'll get over it." I'm confused on whether or not he wants to marry me, if he asked me I would say yes in a heart beat. Heck I would even ask him the question lol. I am just unsure on how to look at this, so please guys help me out :]


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  • don't twist what he says. only listen to what he tells you. he could have been referring to the 2 of you getting married, or maybe he was just talking in general. but if you are too concerned which deciphering what he said you could end up real stuck.