Stressful divorce situations? a lot of hardache? Divorce to expensive? I have a great marriage idea?

I've come up with an idea of a marriage contract. Yes a marriage contract!

Before you click away just read. Give me a chance. What's worse... taking 5 minutes to read this or spending years in an unhappy marriage?

You and your SO will agree on the year or month term. 1 to whatever. That includes possessions, children, infidilty, custody, death and etc all bundled within the contract. so if you get divorced you are gurannteed whatever on the contract no questions asked. No waiting, no hidden stress, no surprises. With only 1 to 2 months for one of the partners to find and leave the current home.

At the beginning of the marriage The process may take up to a month to complete. Same towards the end so everything is organized, with no rush because we want boths sides to have a happy ending from whatever caused the dysfunction.

That means if you are bored with your marraige and you sign a 1 year marriage deal. You can wait out the deal, to end the marraige or you can buy out the contract. Its that simple.

It all depends what the partners put down on the marriage. How much is your love wroth? 0$? then one of you screws up then you all leave with nothing. Or you can do the traditional divorce and have someone take everything while one has everything.

Come on!!! Modern day marragies aren't working anymore. Its corrupted with selfish, greedy, egotisticed partners nowadays.

Too many men are getting trapped. divorce fees are through the sky.

The marriage contract. What do you think?

A free idea that is up for grabs... ALIEN POWER!!


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  • This is just... sad...


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