Pregnant wife really worried about parenthood?

My wife is eight months pregnant and recently she has been getting really worried about how she'll cope as a parent and what could happen to the baby. The last few nights, she's woken up in a panic and has told me about her fears of messing it up. I tried to reassure her that she'll be a great parent and that we'll need to get used to it but nothing seems to be calming her nerves. Anyone got any advice?

(This is our first child btw)


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  • I guess just remind her that literally no one is ever prepared for a baby. Ever. People have ideas of what they're like and how well they're going to do, but no one can ever know for sure because the experience of having this tiny thing that you somehow made and now have to look after for like sixteen years is something that is pretty different to anything you're ever going to have done before. You get no real chance to practice, it's like the worst pop quiz ever because even if you study for it, it won't make much difference :P

    BUT - if she knows that she would never purposefully hurt that child, and she knows that she will love the child and care for it, then she's already got a pretty solid foundation on parenthood. Everyone messes up, that's natural, it's not like anyone expects her to know everything she's going to have to do from the very beginning. It'll be difficult and it'll be scary but it'll be the most rewarding thing she can do for another person. And besides, she's not going to be doing it alone :)


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  • Fear is an appropriate response to an impending birth. It's a colossal responsibility to have the life of a helpless child in your hands. Not being stressed means you're not taking it seriously enough.

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