Married Women: How did you get a man to propose to you and commit to you?

What made you different from all the other "competitors" out there?


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  • My wife and I shacked-up so we just sort of agreed to do it. However, I formally proposed to my wife in front of family members at Easter.


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  • We clicked? I mean it seems self explanatory. I'm a very blunt and honest person and I think that appealed to my husband after some of the people he has dated. We were totally loyal to ea/o, planned date nights, let ea/o still have friends, etc. We have always been really honest with each other, and are very physically affectionate. We talk out our disagreements etc. One thing I NEVER did was push him to propose. We talked about marriage and knew we wanted it, but he did it in his own time and it was all the better for it. I guess a combination of that is what did it.


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  • Ask this reddit. You will get more answers.