Is he thinking of marriage in our future?

We were dating only a little less than 2 months so it's kind of early.

We took our first trip. He knows I like jewelry so we went to jewelry store. He makes jokes that he would get me a glass ring because it's fancier and shinier and much cheaper than a diamond so he can get me many rings. (He isn't serious he knows I would want a real diamond.)

in the store he said oh look let's see if there are glass rings. He asked which one I like. The clerk thought we are engaged and kept pressuring us so he said to me "I can't get you this type of ring yet" since we are not actually engaged and it's too soon.

Also he is trying to get me a job with his best friends company because he knows it's hard for me to find a job so he decided he would help.

I would marry him if he asked me today.


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