Alright, what's your thought on the following?

This girl I REALLY like.. we had one of the deepest conversations ever. I mean... I can honestly say I love her, and when she said "You're the only one I ever wanna marry." I was just.. shocked that she felt that way, cause I feel the same way. but ever since then... she hasn't really been talking to me, but I can't stop thinking about her, and that conversation we had...

But the question is this:

Should I still try to go for her, or should I give her space? and please tell me why too.. cause I really would do anything for her, and I feel kinda shy about asking for advice for once.


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  • Talking about marriage under the age of 18 is usually superficial. It merely is a way of expressing how attached to the relationship they are; however, rarely is someone serious about actually getting engaged at such a young age. Granted! I have seen it happen, though it ended on the worst terms and my friend lost everything he worked for compared to what he had prior to getting married.

    There's nothing wrong with fighting for what you want, though like I said about the age before- it would be wise to understand that she probably isn't looking for such a hefty commitment and I wouldn't advise you to get married so soon in your life.

    Try to resolve any issues as to why your not dating right now- and then date her for a few years, if she is truly the one you want, propose to her and make her smile every day. Give yourself AND HER the ability to feel true love.

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  • She's probably embarrassed. She might think she said too much, or that you're not interested in her as much as she's interested in you, especially if your response was just shock rather than telling her you feel the same way. Giving her space will only further that belief.

  • I think you should go for it. She might be avoiding you because she's embarrassed that she admitted her true feelings for you and that you don't feel the same


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  • I'm not sure. Those are pretty strong feelings at such a young age. Is love possible at your age? Yes, but it's very rare. Give her space, and let's see what she says in a few days.

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